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Meet the Magic Makers Behind Cobali: Pasha & Natasha 🌿

Meet the Magic Makers Behind Cobali: Pasha & Natasha 🌿

Hey there, jewelry lovers! 

Today, we’re peeling back the curtain to introduce you to the dynamic duo behind Cobali. Yep, it’s time to get up close and personal with the masterminds who turn nature’s beauty into wearable art. Ready? Let’s dive into the whimsical world of Pasha and Natasha!


Pasha: The Heartbeat of Cobali

Let's start with Pasha. Imagine the scene: It’s 2009, and Pasha takes a trip to Bali. But this isn't just any trip; it's a life-changing journey. The lush jungles, the untamed beauty, the serene beaches – Bali had him at hello. This magnetic pull wasn’t just a fleeting feeling; it ignited something profound. It was the birth of Cobali.

In Pasha's world, creating jewelry isn’t merely a job; it's a passion, a love affair with nature. Each piece he crafts is a little bit of magic, a testament to the beauty he sees in the wild. Handmade with love, these treasures aren’t just accessories; they’re heirlooms, ready to tell stories for generations to come. Think of it as carrying a piece of the wild wherever you go. Pretty cool, right?


Natasha: The Style Soulmate

Now, let’s chat about Natasha, the heart and soul of Cobali. Born in the bustling city of Hong Kong, Natasha was always captivated by the glamour of urban life. But deep down, she yearned for something more – the tranquility and simplicity of nature. And guess where she found it? Bali, of course!

Natasha’s role at Cobali is nothing short of enchanting. She curates our collections, making sure that every piece of jewelry embodies nature’s elegance and your unique style. Imagine having a style soulmate who knows exactly what you need – that’s Natasha for you. When she stumbled upon Cobali, it was love at first sight. The elegance, the simplicity, and that touch of tropical charm were all she needed to embark on this beautiful adventure.


Together, Pasha and Natasha are the dream team. Their story is a blend of city chic and island allure, and they’re here to bring a touch of Bali’s magic into your life. So, whether you're drawn to Pasha’s intricate designs or Natasha’s curated elegance, one thing is for sure: with Cobali, you’re always in good hands.


A Sneak Peek

But hey, we’re just getting started. Keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes tales and inspiration straight from the heart of Bali. And remember, your style journey with Cobali is just beginning. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Embrace nature’s charm, wear Cobali's calm. 🌿✨


We hope you enjoyed meeting Pasha and Natasha. Next time you admire your Cobali piece, you’ll know the story, the passion, and the magic behind it. Until then, happy styling, friends!


With love and sparkle,

Team Cobali

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