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- Our journey begins here -

Cobali was birthed amidst the untamed, lush jungles of Bali, Indonesia

The name Cobali, a fusion of 'Coba' and 'Bali', symbolizes a daring quest to merge Bali's raw natural beauty with exquisite jewelry. We sought to blend the exotic elements of nature with the timeless elegance of fine jewelry - our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.

Pasha Coba - jeweller

Embark on a whimsical journey with Pasha that started in 2009, a tale woven in the enchanting threads of Bali's wild beauty.

It wasn't just a visit; it was a magnetic pull that ignited the birth of Cobali.

Picture this: jewelry that whispers tales of elegance while dancing freely with the untamed spirit of nature.

In Pasha's world, each piece isn't just crafted; it's a passionate ode. Handmade with a sprinkle of magic, these treasures are more than adornments; they're heirlooms waiting to tell stories across generations.

It's Pasha's passion – crafting nature-inspired jewelry that lets you carry a piece of the wild wherever you go.

tendertwig inspired labradorite gold ring on hand

Natasha wong - curator

Natasha, the heart and soul behind Cobali. As the curator of our enchanting collections, Natasha is dedicated to bringing nature-inspired elegance into your life.

Born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, she found herself captivated by the glamour of urban living but yearned for the tranquility of nature.

This led her to the tropical paradise of Bali, where the island's beauty never ceases to amaze her.

Natasha's role?

Oh, just curating the coolest, nature-inspired jewelry you'll ever lay eyes on.

She's like your style soulmate, making sure your shopping journey is as smooth as silk.

When she stumbled upon Cobali, it was love at first sight – the elegance, the simplicity, and that touch of tropical charm.

Join Natasha in this adventure where city chic meets island allure, and let Cobali be your style sidekick! ✨🌿

More than just jewellry

A piece of the Wild whenever you go

At Cobali, we're not just about jewelry; we're about moments, emotions, and the dance of craftsmanship with nature.

Come, dive into a world where each piece is a testament to Bali's timeless beauty, and let's sprinkle a bit of magic into your everyday wear.

Discover, cherish, and wear nature's embrace with Cobali's handcrafted wonders!

The Essence of Cobali which guides and inspires every piece we create.

Nature's Whisper: A Reminder of Beauty

At Cobali, our creations are a dance of wild inspiration and refined craftsmanship.

Each piece transforms nature's untamed beauty into exquisite jewelry, a silent reminder of tranquility and the raw, unfiltered allure of the wild.

Whether you're commuting to work or sipping your morning coffee at home, our jewelry is your constant companion—a touchstone to nature’s magic and power, calming and guiding you every day.

sparkling 925 sterling silver labradorite ring on hand

Crafted with Passion: Unique and Personal

Handmade with love, our treasures are more than accessories; they’re heirlooms waiting to tell stories for generations.

Every piece is unique, reflecting our own design and a personal touch that sets us apart from big brands.

With professional knowledge, traditional techniques, and an unwavering passion for jewelry, we create each piece with care and dedication, ensuring that our craftsmanship shines through in every detail.

womens twig gold thin wedding band on hand

Simplicity in Essence: Follow Your Heart

At Cobali, we believe in the profound beauty of simplicity. Amidst life's complexities, true happiness is found in embracing the uncomplicated.

Our philosophy is to follow your heart, embrace life's simple pleasures, and find joy in the little things. Our journey began with a simple try, inspired by the enchanting nature of Bali.

We combined our creativity with a desire for a flexible, island life, and from that, Cobali was born.

We encourage you to do the same—trust your heart, take a leap, and discover the beauty that lies in simplicity.

Behind our designs

Beauty of the Wild Nature

At the heart of Cobali's creations lies a passion for the enchanting allure of wild nature.

Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully designed and inspired by the intricate details found in the wilderness - from the flowing leaves to the twisted vines and gnarled branches.

Aesthetics & Durability

Designs and craftsmanship

Every Cobali gemstone is carefully handpicked, working in harmony with the metal to exude both elegance and empower the wearer.

The inception of Cobali may have started with a simple try, but its journey continues to thrive through mesmerizing designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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